Join Me at the UNSTUCK Happiness Conference in Las Vegas 8/19

I am honored to have been invited by John Polish, founder of the UNSTUCK Happiness Conferences to speak at the UNSTUCK Happiness Conference – Las Vegas on August 19th at the Smith Center. This is a 2:47 sec. intro on what I will be covering:

Getting Unstuck – Patty Fadhouli Teaser from Patty Fadhouli on Vimeo.

The details:

Lineup of speakers:

The SCOOP on UNSTUCK: Sometimes the best things we produce come out the most difficult of circumstances. John Polish lost his only child, Abigail, to a genetic disorder within a few days of her birth. He had also unexpectedly lost his mother a few months prior to the birth of his daughter. This is not the life, nor the circumstances, that John had planned for…yet, he had to figure out how to redefine his life, and eventually find happiness again. Part of that plan included helping others work through their own life circumstances.

This is a little snippet from the UNSTUCK Conferences website.

“Through his work with Finding Your Happiness Workshops and radio show, author and motivational speaker John Polish recognized…so many people just feel stuck in their circumstances.  John has worked with people who are suffering from divorce, addiction, loneliness, loss of loved ones, terminal medical diagnosis, unsatisfying employment and much more.”  

Hope to see you there!





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