Neckline cheat sheet

The Neckline Cheat Sheet

There are multiple ways to accessorize a neckline – but these are handy suggestions, when you don’t want to think about it!


Today, my prayer for all of us is this - may we come out of this situation far better than we came into it. ❤️ Happy Palm Sunday. #staypositive #wegotthis #alrightalrightalight #growthmindset🌱 #growthroughwhatyougothrough #sandiego #sandiegolife #niftylane #wanderlusters #wanderlust #travel #stayhome #stayinghomesaveslives #tourist #blueskiesforeveryone #prayer #yougotthis #happypalmsunday #amen #californiaadventure #cali #palmsunday #palmsunday🌿 #getunstuck ...

“Imagine you want to sell your house. Should you list it at $295,000 or $295,545? Although it sounds counterintuitive, a higher precise price is likely to do better than a lower round numbered price.” This snippet is from a book entitled: Priced to Influence, Sell, and Satisfy by author and @riceuniversity professor Uptal Dholakai. According to the book, pricing creates a visceral reaction that can even be detected via brain scan. This might not come as a surprise - yet, it’s still worth sharing, deals make us happy. Really happy! Keep that in mind as you #wfh, are living the #quarantinelife, and those online deal notifications are coming fast and furious. From someone that once upon a time collected 6000lbs of clothes, shoes, and accessories, take this from me: A deal isn’t a deal if it will only take up space, create debt, distract you from short term and long term goals, serve as a crutch to procrastinate, a distraction to stave off loneliness...there is as much psychology behind why we buy as there is behind how to price effectively, but if you can recognize what you are doing, change your habits, figure out YOUR reasons why so that you don’t keep doing it...well, that’s the best deal ever. And while this post is about buying - this applies to food, alcohol, workaholism...any habit that’s getting in your way. #changeyourmindset #changeyourhabitschangeyourlife #changeyourhabits #change #growthmindset🌱 #growthroughwhatyougothrough #inspiration #motivation #pricing #pricingstrategy #booksofinstagram #pyschology #lifeskills #houstontexas #interiorstruly #wanderlusters #wanderlust #niftylane #apartmenttherapy #shopaholic ...

My thought when COVID-19 became cause for alarm was pancakes...or waffles. One of the two. So, while many were on toilet paper runs, I was inspecting pancake mixes/frozen, only to discover - 22 grams of carbs...18 grams of carbs…up to 42 grams of carbs…😱 So, I let it go. A week later, I started thinking about pie, yet there was none to be found until a bakery employee walked me over to the fridge. Chocolate cream pie WITH chocolate crust. 😍. Why am I telling you all of this? We can clearly get all out of sorts in times of crisis, and I wanted to listen to an expert on how we can keep it all together (without the calories). Below are my cliff notes from a podcast I listened to recently by Dr. Henry Cloud, entitled: Being Psychologically Healthy During Times of Crisis.
1. Name You Feelings
When a feeling is nebulous, it can run amok in your brain and in your actions.
Identify it, then process it. By naming it, you are making space in your brain. This is an A+ tip for everyday life too.
2. Structure
Create a new routine! You are the CEO of the infrastructure and connectedness of you. Connect with people deep and shallow that make you feel good, laugh, etc. And connect with God, if that is your practice.
3. Denial
Denial disrupts the creative part of the brain. Acknowledge the situation.
4. Fear
When we are in fear mode, we are in flight or flight mode. Last thing on our minds is problem solving. Schedule time to tune into TRUSTED VOICES about the situation (CDC, WHO) and limit that time. 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Do not seek opinions.
5. Control
Our sense of control goes out the window, and we can make a serious mess when we feel out of control. List what you have control over and what you don't. Surrender what you don’t have control over.
6. Express Feelings of Competency
We are meant to be fruitful. Take this time to learn something new while still washing your hands and maintaining social distancing.
7. Tap into Your Spiritual Practice. His morning go-to is Psalm 91. #covid19 #crisismanagement #healthtips #mentalhealthsupport #growthmindset🌱 #psalm91 #growthroughwhatyougothrough #drhenrycloud #texaswaffles

In my little town in Idaho, between the exhilarating snowy winter season and the spectacular summers, you would find mud season. Snow would pile up and mix with dirt. Not enough left to do anything productive with any longer, yet not ready to melt. And here we are, we’ve gone from wonderland to plain old mud. Yet that awkward muddy period is needed to connect one season to the next. And eventually, the snow, the mud, the muck...give way to new growth, and endless summer nights on the lake and days on the mountains. The days people wait in anticipation for. Some places have clear cut seasons to push us along, to encourage us to revel in the moment, to give us pause, to help us let go, to give us the spark to reinvent, to make us move physically, mentally, spiritually...When we don’t have those natural, clear cut divisions, well, we just have to find ways to create our own. #idahoexplored #idaholife #snowsnowsnow #sandpoint #sandpointidaho #treepose #idahome #inspirations #schweitzermountain #schweitzerlife #growthmindset🌱 #soulgrowth #snowlife #selfgrowth #growthroughwhatyougothrough #pnwonderland #pnwlife #motivation💪 #growthhacking #dailyinsta ...


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