How to Lose 4000lbs

The story goes like this – I moved to a very tiny town in Idaho, 2000 miles away from home, for a job. My joke is that if Sandra Bullock can move to a tiny town in Texas and get swept off her feet by Harry Connick, Jr. (Hope Floats), then surely the same thing can happen to me. 😉

Truth of the matter is, deep down, I knew the most important person I was there to meet in Idaho wasn’t some strapping pacific northwestern lumber jack… it was me.

I needed the time and space away from home to regroup, change some habits (for good), and find my purpose again. I did end up losing 4000lbs and what I discovered is that you have to let go to grow. The video below shares my methodology. This is a talk I gave at the Unstuck Happiness Conference in the fall of 2019. Below the video are the worksheets I reference in the video.



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