The Story Behind Nifty Lane

I left a career in high tech and landed in fashion, the career of my dreams. With a townhouse of my own to call home, I thought all there was left to do was to lose a few more pounds and find a man.

I had lost sight of a life much bigger than my simple checklist. A life that somehow got buried a million miles deep, under reruns of the Real House Wives of Whatever County, shopping too much, working too much, attending social events that felt like reruns of the last social event…

The first step to unearthing the life I really desired – meant uprooting and moving 2000 away miles to a small town in Idaho, where I traded in approximately 4000lbs of clothes, shoes, accessories…for a life that keeps getting richer. If your arms, your mind, your social calendar…your closet is full, there is no room for anything new. You have to let go to grow.

This is where my journey of heart, mind, body and soul began, and you’ll find (over time) those lessons learned, and more, sprinkled through, a site devoted to sharing informative, delightful and thought-provoking tales and tips to help you live the life you want.

Below is the 20 minute (actually 18 minute and 12 second video) version of my story. I gave a talk at the UNSTUCK Happiness Conference in Houston.

Thank you for stopping by. God speed.

Patty Fadhouli
Founder of


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Informative, delightful, and thought-provoking tales and tips to help you live the life you want.