Hello, Great Day Houston!

14485140_10208814171064334_8846930463205282254_nOn 9/28, I will be making an appearance on Great Day Houston, sharing my story of personal growth and development, and how I eliminated 4000lbs of clothes, shoes, and accessories, to make room for the things in life I really needed to focus on.

Are you stuck in rut? Not where yo14440936_10208814171184337_178204736924480100_nu thought you were going to be at this point in your life? I’ve been there too.

This presentation below walks you through three steps:How to lay out what you value versus where you have been investing

  • How to address the million dollar question   – “what do I want to be when I grow up (really)”?
  • How to make the room you need to reach your goals

It’s a process, but you can get there!


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